Newsletter June 1992


The annual meeting of the ESS was held on April 3, 1992 in con- junction with the ISA convention at the Atlanta Hilton.

Newly elected members of the Executive Committee, whose terms expire in 1994, are:

Ronnie Lipschutz (University of California– Santa Cruz)
Tom Princen
(University of Michigan)
Beatriz Ramacciotti (Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru)

Carry-over members, whose terms expire in 1993, are:
Matthias Finger (University of Geneva)
Allen L. Springer (Bowdoin College)
Tapani Vaahtoranta (Finnish Institute of International Affairs)

Members of the Nominating Committee for 1992-93 are:
Marian Miller (University of Arizona)
Elena Nikitina (Russian Academy of Sciences)
Allen R. Springer (Chair)

The winner of the 1992 Harold and Margaret Sprout Award for the most significant contribution to the literature on inter- national or comparative environmental politics is Elinor Ostrom for her book Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action (Cambridge University Press, 1990, 280pp). Members of the award committee were Leonard Hirsh (Smithsonian Institution) (chair), Dennis Pirages (University of Maryland), and Tom Princen. The same committee, with the addi- tion of R. B. Jain (University of Delhi) will make the recom- mendation for the 1993 award. Nominations should be sent to Hirsh, Office of International Relations, Q-3121 MAC 705, Smith- sonian Institution, Washington, DC 20560; phone 202-351-4788; fax 202-786-2557; Bitnet: INCEM005@SIVM.

Discussion followed on two issues: (a) spelling out criteria for the award and the types of works that will be considered and (b) the need for bylaws that spell out the operating procedures for the award committee. Leonard Hirsch agreed to draw up drafts on these matters for consideration at4 next year’s meeting.


The 1993 meetings of ISA will be held in Acapulco, Mexico, March 23-27, 1993, not in Caracus as had been previously announced. The most likely location is Acapulco, Mexico. The following list of prospective topics for panels was drawn up at the ESS meeting, although other proposals will be considered for ESS-sponsored panels.

-“Governing the Commons”

Leonard Hirsh, Chair, Office of International Relations; Q- 3121 MAC 705, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC 20560; phone;: 202-351-4788; fax: 202-786-2557; E-Mail: INCEM005@SIVM

-Round Table of Practitioners

Tom Princen, Chair, School of Natural resources, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,MI 48105.Phone 313-764-1320. Fax: 313-938- 7195. Internet: Thomas Princen

-Environmental Security

Philippe LePrestre, Chair. Address: University of Quebec at Montreal, Montreal, Canada. E-Mail: R14140 UQAM. Bitnet,CA.

-Social and Environmental Learning

Matthias Finger, Chair. Address: International Academy of the Environment, Box 81, 1231 Conches-Geneva, Switzerland. Phone: 011-4122-789-1311. Fax: 011-4122,789-2538. Internet: Finger UNI2A,UNIGE.CH.

-Strategies of Inquiry in International Environmental Policy

Detlef Sprinz, Chair, University of Michigan, Box 4388, Ann Arbor, MI 48106. Phone: 313-996-3618. Fax: 313-764-3344. Inter- net: Detlef Sprinz UM. CC. UMICH. EDU. Bitnet: dsprinz UMichUM.Bitnet.

-Domestic Factors of International Environmental Regulation

Veronica Ward, Chair, Department of Political Science, Utah State University, Logan, UT 84322-0725. Phone: 801-750-1319.

-Free Trade and the Environment

Marc Levy, Chair, CFIA, 1737 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02135. E-Mail: mlevy IGC.ORG.

-Environmental Management Problems of Former Socialist Countries
Raphael Vartanov, Chair, Marine Policy Center, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Woods Hole, MA 02543. Phone: 508-548- 1400 ext.2216. Fax: 508-457-2184.

-Feminism, Ecology, and Development
Barbara Jancar-Webster, Chair, address below

-Roundtable on UNCED
Organizers: Matthias Finger, Carolyn Stephenson and Timothy Ruddy, International Academy of the Environment, Box 81, 1231 Conches-Geneva, Switzerland. Phone: 011-4122-789-1311. Fax: 011- 4122,789-2538. Internet: Finger UNI2A.UNIGE.CH.

-Enterprises of the Americas (Theme Panel Focusing on the American Continent) Volunteer needed for chair.

Those interested in participating on any of these panels are invited to contact the panel chair that is listed. They may be sent to ESS chair Barbara Jancar-Webster or Michael Maniates, as may proposals that for papers or panels that do not fit into these categories.

Jancar-Webster will be in Moscow until June 21, 1992. Faxes can be sent to the following numbers:
7095-939-0877 (Economics Faculty–MGU)
7095-128-3701 or 7095-310-7027 (IMEMO- -c/o Alexi Roginko)
She will receive E-Mail messages in Moscow at AROGINKO@GLAS.APC.ORG. Mail posted no later than June 7 can be sent to her as follows: Barbara Jancar-Webster, SUNY Faculty Advisor, c/o Cultural Attache, U.S. Embassy (M), Helsinki, Fin- land 000140.

After July 1, Jancar’s E-Mail address will be JAN- CAR@BROCK1P.BITNET.

Proposals can also be sent to Maniates at the Department of Geography, Radford University, Box 6938, Radford, VA 24141; fax 703-831-5970; E-Mail MMANIATES@IGC.ORG). He will forward proposals received by July 10 to Barbara.

Due to early deadlines for submitting the program, all proposals must be in Barbara’s hands no later than July 12.


UNESCO has relaunched and reformatted its scientific journal Nature and Resources which is published quarterly and available in English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish. Future issues are scheduled on the topics of “Managing our Common Resources,” “Prospects for Sustainable Development,” and “Bio- sphere Reserves and Biodiversity.” For subscription information and an examination copy write to Parthanon Publishing Group, 120 Mill Road, Park Ridge, New Jersey 07656; fax 201- 391-0980. The subscription rate for individuals is $45.

International Environmental Affairs has proven to be a useful source of information for many ESS members. Edited by Konrad Von Moltke at Dartmouth College, the journal has proven to a useful source of information for many ESS members. Subscriptions for individual are $45 and can be ordered from the University Press of New England, 17 Lebanon Street, Hanover, NH 03755-2159. Subscribers are now being given an opportunity to take out gift subscriptions for scholars from the third world and Eastern and Central Europe for $15 (foreign subscriptions are normally $55).

Environmental and Resource Economics is a new journal being published by the Kluwer Academic Publishers Group (P.O. Box 358, Acord Station, Hingham, MA 02018-0358. Subscriptions are $95 for individuals; $166,50 for institutions.

Special Issues

Society and Natural Resources ran a special issue (Vol. 4, No. 4, 1991) on the topic “Global Climate Change: A Social Science Per- spective,” edited by Martin F. Price.

Recent Publications

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