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    Message from Kate O´Neill, Chair of the ESS of the ISA

    Dear Environmental Studies Section Members, It’s hard to realize that under normal times, many of us would right now be at ISA, enjoying good company, new ideas, and new research. Sadly this was not possible, and most immediately we should thank the ISA president, staff and program organizers for a phenomenally heavy backstage lift and some very difficult decisions. Moving forward, here are some notes and announcements on elections and awards. More details will be forthcoming in the Section’s Annual Report. 1. Elections for new ESS officers are happening! The ballot is here (please let me know if you have problems with this link). A huge thank you to our…

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    New book by Scobie: Global environmental governance and small states: Architectures and agency in the Caribbean.

    Scobie, M. (2019). Global environmental governance and small states: Architectures and agency in the Caribbean. New Horizons in Environmental Politics series. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. The book is an in depth analysis of global environmental governance and Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the context of transformative environmental change in the Anthropocene. It explains how and where regional and local economic, geophysical and historical contexts and scales interact with global environmental governance actors, norms, regimes and architectures to determine the nature of SIDS’ environmental policy and governance arrangements particularly in the areas of climate change, tourism, marine governance, energy security, cultural heritage and trade. Read the full post…

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    New Book by member – Contesting global environmental knowledge, norms, and governance.

    Peterson, M.J. (Ed.). (2019). Contesting global environmental knowledge, norms, and governance. Routledge Series on Transforming Environmental Politics, and Policy. London and New York: Routledge. Through theoretical discussions and case studies, this volume explores how processes of contestation about knowledge, norms, and governance processes shape efforts to promote sustainability through international environmental governance. Read the full post (222 words)

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    Spring 2019 Newsletter for ESS of ISA is out!

     The newsletter for Spring 2019 is out – find it here: Spring newsletter 2019 The ESS newsletter is based at the Center for Unconventional Security Affairs (CUSA) and the Blum Center at the University of California, Irvine (www.cusa.uci.edu) and is co-edited by: Richard Matthew, Evgenia Nizkorodov, Bemmy Maharramli, Maureen J. Purcell, Paroma Wagle, Kristen A. Goodrich, Connor Harron and Sifat Reazi The next edition will be in September 2019. The newsletter follows a fall, winter, spring and summer schedule. To be included in the upcoming edition, please send relevant publication information, career resources, announcements such as calls for papers and resources, and events for inclusion in the next issue to envtlss.newsletter@gmail.com.

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    Journal articles by members!

    The following is a list of Journal Articles, Special Edited Journal Issues, Reports, and Book Chapters by members of ESS of ISA since the last newsletter! Asayama, S., Sugiyama, M., Ishii, A., & Kosugi, T. (2019). Beyond solutionist science for the Anthropocene: To navigate the contentious atmosphere of solar geoengineering. Anthropocene Review, 1–6. Baysal, B., & Karakas, U. (2017). Climate change and security: Different perceptions, different approaches. Uluslararası İlişkiler/International Relations, 14(54), 21-44. Beiser-McGrath, L., & Bernauer, T. (2019). Commitment-failures are unlikely to undermine public support for the Paris Agreement. Nature Climate Change, 9, 248-252. Read the full post (714 words, 1 image)

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    Submissions wanted for newsletter!

    The Spring ESS Newsletter will be released in early June. To be featured in the upcoming edition, please submit announcements to Genia Nizkorodov at envtlss.newsletter@gmail.com  by May 26th, 2019.    Possible submissions include: recent book publications by ESS members, in APA format (please include a brief abstract/synopsis) recent article publications by ESS members, in APA format career resources such as fellowship, grants, job placement opportunities, teaching resources, and career development programs/workshops calls for paper submissions to journals and conferences upcoming events (conferences and workshops) prestigious awards received by ESS members   Please note that in order to be included, submissions must be related to the environment or environmental politics.