The following is a list of home page links suggested by Environmental Studies Section members and others. The descriptions and addresses have been entered or suggested by visitors themselves. Inclusion of these URLs does not represent endorsement of any kind, express or implied, of the contents of these home pages. The Environmental Studies Section hopes you will find them useful.

If you want to add a site that might be useful to others working on international environmental politics, please send the address and a brief description using the contact form. To ensure the site remains helpful, please do not suggest sites that are not directly useful to those doing research on international environmental politics. The webmaster retains the right to delete sites from these lists without notification.



Link Description of page
CIESIN Policy responses to global environmental change and international environmental agreements.
Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators
Environmental Law Around the World Material arranged by region (Africa,Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle east, Treaties and other links).
CIESIN Policy responses to global environmental change and international environmental agreements.
Environmental Law at Indiana University This site provides gateways or links to many Internet resources dealing with international environmental law.
Foreign and International Law at Cornell
GreenPeace Multilateral Enviornmental Treaties This resource holds the normal collection of prominent international environmental law ducuments.
Maritime and Oceanic Law Center, University of Nantes, France Texts of selected maritime conventions, the Hague Rules, Law of the Sea material.
International Environmental Agreement Summaries
International Environmental Law at the Waikato School of Law
Multilateral Project at the Fletcher School The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy maintains a large, perhaps the largest, collection of international legal documents dealing with the environment.
University of Michigan International Treaties Collection
World Treaties for the Protection of the Environment (full text) Categories include Antarctica, Atmosphere, Hazardous Waste, Oceans, Watersources, Wildlife.
Convention on Biological Diversity–5 June 1992
Convention on Biological Diversity–Declarations
Convention on Biological Diversity–A Guide
Convention on Conservation of Nature in the South Pacific’s Home Page
GATT 1994, full text
Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer
United Nations Related Online Resources Indexed by Negotiation Topic
Multilateral Environmental Treaties Text of selected treaties; legal memoranda by Greenpeace staff; links to other sites for international environmental conventions.
The WWW Virtual Library: International and Environmental Law
International Water Law Project A site dedicated to bringing together international water law resources, including the full text of treaties and soft law, bibliographies, calendars of events.


Link Description of page
IPCC Group II Web Page
CIESIN Political Institutions
International Conference on Population & Development (Cairo)
Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) A multimedia resource for environment & development policy makers provided by International Institute for Sustainable Development(IISD) includes International Conference on Population & Development (Cairo).
International Institute for Sustainable Development Linkages Home Page gateway to Earth Negotiations Bulletin, Global Forest Policy, World Summit for Social Development, International Conference on Population & Development, Related Online Resources indexed by Negotiation Topic.


Link Description of page
Australian National Forest Policy
Brazilian Directories
Tropical Data Base This site provides access to many environmentally-related databasees, including Brazilian Directories, Biodiversity, Botany, Micribiology, Zoology, Publications, and Brazilian Patents (INPI).
Canadian Legal Resources
Israel Ecological & Environmental Information System (HOLIT)’s Home Page
Israeli Environmental Law in English
University of Montreal Law Web Server This includes Supreme Court of Canada, Quebec Law, Canadian government, etc.
The University of Saarland, Germany
German Advisory Council on Global Change This site includes downloadable yearly reports in English.


Link Description of page
World Resources 1996-97 World Resources 1996-97, a joint publication of the World Resources Institute, United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Development Programme, and the World Bank, will be published simutaneously in print and internet versions. The full 365-page report includs 65 figures and maps and 85 pages of data tables covering 150 countries.
Monterey Institute of International Studies
USIA Environmental Homepage There is a good list of environmental periodicals.
Demographic, Environmental, and Security Issues Project The purpose of DESIP is to present information on a host of issues which impact life on our planet.
IONet Home page of the International Organization section of the International Studies Association. At this site you will find information about the IO section, including background information, the section newslatter, links to section members’ home pages, annoncements, etc.
Scientific Study of International Processes Section of ISA The Scientific Study of International Processes Section of the ISA
Information Management System of ORNL Users can access site-specific, ground-based data such as tempreture, moisture, carbon dioxide, radiation, soil moisture, and vegetative growth, as well as regional- and global-scale data and information useful for understanding global change.
IISD Linkage Service
Social Science Research Council
Women, Politics, and Environmental Action
UNEP Home Page This is the starting page for all UNEP information.
PIK Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research This site describes the goals and current research of PIK-Potsdam
Environmental Change and Security Project The Environmental Change and Security Project acts as an information clearinghouse on the views, activities and policy initiatives falling under the rubric of “environment, population and security.” The ECSP acts as a neutral, non-partisan forum for researchers, practitioners and interested individuals to meet, exchange ideas and concerns, and develop cross-disciplinary dialogue. Please take time to explore the site and to apply for a username so that you will be able to participate in our on-line discussion group. You can also access our two publications, the Environmental Change and Security Project Report and the China Environment Series, in both HTML and PDF formats. In addition, we have made available transcripts of Project meetings, a searchable Virtual Library, and links to related sites.
Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security Policy research group that focuses on the nexus between environmental degradation, international security and economic and social development. Primary programs are in the fields of water, climate change, impacts of globalization on the environment, and interface of environment and security.
The Woods Hole Research Center The Woods Hole Research Center addresses environmental issues through scientific research and education. Among the main issues addressed by the Center’s research are climate change and forests (tropical, temperate and and boreal).


Link Description of page
U.S. Global Change Research Program
National Environmental Information Service All U.S. EPA, OSHA and RSPA documents are linked here in addition to other news about environmental law.
National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) Gateway to U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Environmental Satellite, and Data and Info Server.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Info. Services (NOAA) Description of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Info. Services (NOAA)
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service–Division of Refuges
U.S. Geological Survey–Earth and Environmental Science This executive branch agency maintains a registry of Earth and Environmental Science Internet resources.
Environmental Research at the U.S. Geological Survey
Global Environmental Change Program, UK Economic and Social Research Council The site gives a comprehensive set of information about the Program and its research.
Office of Fellowships and Grants, Smithsonian Institution


Link Description of page
Killer Whale Adoption The site offers information on killer whale natural history, photos, as well as recordings of orca calls in aiff format.
WhaleTimes SeaBed A site designated to introduce students to the ocean and the animals that live there.
Whale, Dolphin, Seal
International Relations and Global Climate Change PIK Report on IR and Climate Change


Link Description of page
Overseas Development Assistance sources There is a section on development aid under the sources by subject menu.
Political Science Research Resources
Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN) SPIN is a computer database of federal, nonfederal, and corporate funding opportunties.
Environmental Law
CIESIN Thematic Guides
Environmental Resources Information Network ERIN home page.
Environmental Resources Information Network Environmental legislation and agreements.
Lisa’s Green Page Contains links to many sites that deal with environmental studies including law.
EcoNet This site is a valuable resource of environmental information. It includes 1993 National Environmental Scorecard and much more.
EcoWeb from University of Virginia
Envirolink The EnviroLink Network is the largest on-line environmental information service, reaching well over 550,000 people in 98 countries.
Environmental Homepage at Virginia
Information Exchange Network–UNEP
Institute for a Sustainable Environment, University of Oregon Description of Institute for a Sustainable Environment, University of Oregon
Columbia teaching program at Biosphere 2 Information on an interdisciplinary undergraduate teaching at Biosphere 2
International Phone Cards
Earthscan Web Site Full details of all Earthscan books.
Global Politics Home Page
Environment and Security Links for research in security and environmental issues
Global Change
Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security
Insnet The Internetwork for Sustainability promotes sustainable development by making information about sustainable development transparent and accessible, by making its networks and resources available to people and organizations with similar goals and by creating, supporting and stimulating sustainable projects.
Society of International Law – Wildlife Interest Group The Society focuses on the effectiveness of international wildlfie treaty regimes and national statutes and regulations to implement said regimes. The Journal also includes an extensive documents section.