ESS Member Home Pages

The following is a list of the home pages of some Environmental Studies Section members.

The descriptions and addresses have been entered by the members themselves. Inclusion of these home page URLs does not represent endorsement of any kind, express or implied, of the contents of these home pages. However, the Environmental Studies Section does hope you will find them useful.

If you are an ESS Member and would like to add your URL to this list, please send the address and a brief description to the webmaster.
Ronald Mitchell’s Home Page:
Description of Ronald Mitchell’s Home Page:
International environmental information and resources. Course syllabi for international relations, US foreign policy, international environmental politics.
Email contact: rmitchel [AT]

Marc A. Levy’s Home Page:
Description of Marc A. Levy’s Home Page:
Excellent set of links and searchable indexes to international environmental resources on the net.
Email contact: mlevy [AT]

Michael Maniates’s Home Page:
Description of Michael Maniates’s Home Page:
Excellent database of syllabi related to Global Environmental Protection Education, from the GEP-ED list. Numerous links to international environmental resources on the net.
Email contact: mmaniate [AT]

Corey L. Lofdahl’s Home Page:
Description of Corey L. Lofdahl’s Home Page:
Page features links to political, environmental, computational complexity, and random sites. Vita and current publications also available.
Email contact: lofdahl [AT]

Shawn Morton’s Home Page:
Description of Shawn Morton’s Home Page:
The page is entitled the Environment and Global Trade. What I have attempted to do is put together an index of information addressing the issue of trade liberalization and its potential impact on the environment. The page includes links to additional pages on toxic waste trade, international environmental agreements, environment and trade library, and links to other relevant sites. In the library page I have links to a number of articles addressing this issue.
Email contact: smorton [AT]

William C. Burns’s Home Page:
Description of William C. Burns’s Home Page:
The GreenLife Society is an international environmental law and policy think-tank which focuses on the critique of international environmental treaty regimes, including the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling (ICRW), and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The Society’s international office is based in Tampere, Finland, and nine national offices throughout the world focus on regional environmental issues. The Society also publishes Shark News, a quarterly publication which focuses on international legal issues related to shark conservation.
Email contact: pcis [AT]

Pamela Chasek’s Home Page:
Description of Pamela Chasek’s Home Page:
Linkages is a site developed by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IISD) and the staff of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. It includes information on a wide variety of United Nations negotiations and conferences related to enviro nment and development, including forests, climate change, biodiversity, combating desertification, changing consumption and production patterns, and sustainable human settlements. It also contains archives on recent conferences, including Habitat II, the International Conference on Population and Development, the Fourth World Women’s Conference, the Social Summit, UNCED, the Conference on Straddling Fish Stocks and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks, and the Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Is land Developing States.
Email contact: pam [AT]

Detlef Sprinz’s Home Page:
Description of Detlef Sprinz’s Home Page:
This is the personal webpage of Detlef Sprinz and contains teaching and research materials on international relations, international environmental policy and social science methodology.
Email contact: dsprinz [AT]

Geoffrey D. Dabelko’s Home Page:
Description of Geoffrey D. Dabelko’s Home Page:
The Woodrow Wilson International Center’s Environmental Change and Security Project acts as an information clearinghouse on the views, activities and policy initiatives falling under the rubric of “environment, population and security.” The ECSP acts as a neutral, non-partisan forum for researchers, practitioners and interested individuals to meet, exchange ideas and concerns, and develop cross-disciplinary dialogue. You can access meeting summaries and the Project’s two publications, the Environmental Change and Security Project Report and the China Environment Series, in PDF formats.
Email contact: dabelkog [AT]