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GLEP16-1_Cover.inddThe following is a list of journals relevant to international environmental research that have been entered by Environmental Studies Section members. The descriptions and addresses have been entered by the members themselves. Inclusion of these descriptions does not represent endorsement of any kind, express or implied, of these journals. However, the Environmental Studies Section does hope you will find them useful.

If you would like to add a journal description to this list, please send the address and a brief description to the webmaster.

Journal Name: Global Environmental Politics
Publisher: MIT Press
Description: Global Environmental Politics invites submissions that focus on international and comparative environmental politics. The journal covers the relationship between global political forces and environmental change. Topics include the role of states, multilateral institutions and agreements, trade, international finance, corporations, inequalities, non-governmental organizations, science and technology, and grassroots movements. Particular attention is given to the implications of local-global interactions for environmental management as well as the implications of environmental change for world politics.

Journal Name: Environmental Politics
Publisher: Routledge
Description: Environmental Politics is an international, multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal, which provides a forum for the publication of original research into, and discussion and analysis of, the diverse theoretical and empirical aspects of environmental politics. We understand environmental politics very broadly. It includes the multiple ways in which diverse and potentially competing interests and ideas influence how different groups in society value, use, manage, interact with, care about, or seek to regulate the environment. It is primarily concerned with scholarship focusing on: political parties, private actors, NGOs, social movements, and campaigns; the design, negotiation, and implementation of environmental policy; and environmental political thought. The journal also explores the ideas generated by environmental groups and other organizations that underpin policy and governance, and critically and normatively examines environmental concerns.

Environmental Politics is open to the use of a variety of methods and theoretical approaches to studying environmental politics, and welcomes submissions on the politics of global, national, and local scales of action and meaning, as well as international environmental issues in all parts of the world. All submissions should make clear the implications of their findings for environmental politics more broadly

Journal Name: Earth System Governance
Publisher: Elsevier
Description: The journal Earth System Governance addresses governance processes and institutions at all levels of decision-making – from local to global – within a planetary perspective that seeks to align our current institutions and governance systems with the fundamental 21st century challenges of global environmental change and earth-system transformation. The journal intends to be interdisciplinary with a firm grounding in the social sciences and humanities, and covers research on all regions and sectors. The journal welcomes original Research Articles as well as engaging Policy Perspectives, provocative Commentaries, longer Review Articles, and concise conference reports from the Earth System Governance community.
Journal website

Journal Name: Journal of Environment and Development
Publisher: SAGE
Description: Focus on the relationship between environment and development at the local, national and international level
Submitted by: Ans Kolk

Journal Name: RECIEL: Review of European Community & International Environmental Law
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing
Description: The Review of European Community and International Environmental Law (RECIEL) is an international journal that contains articles on a broad range of topics in environmental law and policy. RECIEL bridges both academic and professional spheres by providing scholars, legal practitioners, policy makers, students and any other interested persons with information on developments in international, European Community and comparative environmental law and policy.
Journal website:

Journal Name: Environmental Values
Publisher: White Horse Press
Description: Refereed journal on the fundamental basis of environmental policy, especially philosophical and economic aspects.
Submitted by: Anna Ashmole

Journal Name: Society and Animals
Publisher: White Horse Press
Description: Refereed journal of social scientific studies of the human experience of other animals.
Submitted by: Anna Ashmole

Journal Name: Environment and History
Publisher: White Horse Press
Email: aj@erica,
Description: Refereed interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the history of human interactions with the natural environment.
Submitted by: Anna Ashmole

Journal Name: Journal of International Wildlife Law
Journal website:
Comment: An academic journal of Kluwer Law International, focuses on the effectiveness of international wildlife treaty regimes and national policies to protect the viability of wildlife species.

Journal Name: Environmental Change and Security Project Report
Publisher: Wilson Center ECSP Project
Journal website:

Journal Name: China Environment Series
Publisher: Wilson Center ECSP Project
Journal website:

Journal Name: World Politics
Journal website:
Comment: This web site contains an abstract of each article in the current issue and a form-based method of commenting. Comments submitted will be read by every subsequent visitor to the website.

Journal Name: Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
Journal website:
Comment: Electronic version of Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies published by the Indiana University School of Law.

Journal Name: International Studies Quarterly
Journal website:

Journal Name: Strategic Behavior and the Environment
Publisher: NOW – The essense of knowledge
Description: Environmental policy and strategic behavior has become a field that interests researchers from several disciplines in the social sciences, employing different methodologies while addressing similar research questions. Simultaneously, policy makers seek more help from researchers in the process of developing and implementing environmental policies. Strategic Behavior and the Environment is intended to provide a platform for the various disciplines that jointly contribute to our understanding of that field.
Submitted by: Associate Professor Susan Park

Journal Name: Environment and Society: Advances in Research
Publisher: Berghahn Journals
Description: This is an annual review journal that publishes critical reviews of the latest research literature on environmental studies.