Grad Student Paper Award

Graduate students are invited to participate in the ESS Graduate Student Paper Award Competition sponsored by the Environmental Studies Section of ISA. The award was established in 2011 to recognize the best paper with an environment-related theme presented at the ISA Annual Convention.

Recipients must meet the following criteria:

  1. Recipient must be a current member of ISA
  2. Nominations are being requested for papers that were presented at the previous ISA annual convention.
  3. Graduate student papers that have been co‐authored with professors are not eligible for nomination for the best graduate student paper


  • The awardee receives a $150 prize along with a certificate.
  • The awardee also receives consideration for publication by the journal Global Environmental Politics

Selection process

  • The Award Committee makes the selection and is responsible for notifying the recipient of the award

Apply for this award

  • To complete the nomination, e-mail a copy of your paper (in MS Word or PDF format) no later than June 1st to the chair of the award committee.
  • Panel chairs, discussant and paper presenters make nominations (graduate students may nominate their own papers as well)
  • Nominations should be sent by e-mail to ESS Chair – see Officer page
  • The deadline for nominations is June 1st

Past recipients

2019Charlotte Grech-MadinCurrents of Conscience: Evolution and Operation of the Water Taboo
2018Saskia Van WeesNormative Pressure and Environmental Governance
2015Jessica NeafieThe Politics of Potable Water Access: Is foreign direct investment a help or hindrance to countries trying to provide water access to their populations?
2014 (two winners)McKenzie F. JohnsonImposing Institutions: Afghanistan’s Environment Law
2014 (two winners)Nina von UexkullDrought and Intrastate Armed Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa 1989-2008 - A Disaggregated Analysis
2013 (two winners)Josh GellersConstitutional Environmental Rights: A Quantitative Analysis of Intra -Regional Influences
2013 (two winners)Kate J. NevilleThe Political Economy of Biofuels
2012Teresa KramarzWorld Bank Alliances: Evaluating the Partnership Promise
2011Jason ThistlethwaiteThe ClimateWise Principles: An Emerging Climate Risk Regime
2009Corina McKendryCompeting for Green: Neoliberalism, Environmental Justice, and the Limits of Ecological Modernization
2009Elizabeth Havice and Liam Campling (runners-up)Shifting Tides: Balancing Access to Foreign and Domestic Interest in the Western Central Pacific Ocean's Tuna Industry
2008Graeme AuldThe Origins and Growth of Social and Environmental Certification in the Coffee Sector
2008Stefan Renckens (runner-up)A Network and Flows Perspective on E-waste Trade and its Governance Arrangements
2007Ken CousinsPrincipals, Agents, and Public Goods: Information and Structural Complexity in Policy Implementation Systems
2006 (two winners)Rachel DeMottsParticipating in Conservation: Governing on the Ground in the Great Limpopo National Park
2006 (two winners)Diana PostPrecaution vs Risk in the International Arena: The Case of Codex Alimentarius
2005Steffen BauerDoes bureaucracy really matter? The authority of intergovernmental treaty secretariats
2004Allison Morrill ChatrchyanDemocratic Transition, Stagnation and its Environmental Consequences: Protection of Lake Sevan and Forestry Resources in Post-Communist Armenia
2001Patricia CripeStrategic Scarcity: Environmental Degradation and Ethnic Conflict in Africa