Distinguished Scholar Award

The Distinguished Scholar Award of the Environmental Studies Section of the International Studies Association recognizes outstanding scholars whose long history of excellent research and teaching has had substantial impact on fields associated with international relations and environmental issues.

Recipients must meet the following criteria:

  1. Nominees for the ESS Distinguished Scholar Award should be well-respected scholars in fields related to international relations and the environment.
  2. They should have a long and distinguished career in both teaching and research, including a substantive publication record on international environmental issues and/or global environmental governance.


  • The winner of the ESS Distinguished Scholar Award receives a plaque commemorating the award at the section reception.
  • A Distinguished Scholar Roundtable and ESS Reception are also held in his or her honor.

Selection process

  • Second-party nominations for the ESS Distinguished Scholar Award should be submitted to the ESS Chair within 2 weeks after the ESS business meeting for the year preceding the award (i.e. in 2016 for the 2017 award).
  • Nominations should include a brief statement describing the nominee’s work and explaining how the nominee meets the requirements for the award as described above.
  • They should also include a proposed list of participants who are willing and able to serve on the related Distinguished Scholar Roundtable.
  • The ESS executive committee will then select the recipient of the award from this pool of nominations.

Apply for this award

  • Deadlines: ESS Business Meeting, year prior to proposed award.

Past recipients

2024Michele Betsill
2023Aseem Prakash
2022Pam Chasek
2021Frank Biermann
2020Matthew Paterson
2019Robyn Eckersley
2018Jennifer Clapp
2015Peter Dauvergne
2014Peter M. Haas
2013Oran Young