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    Call for articles – Asian Journal of Peacebuilding (AJP)

    Asian Journal of Peacebuilding (AJP) welcomes submissions of papers written on conflict and peacebuilding issues around the world. Exemplary topics that AJP focuses on include but are not limited to: impact of climate change; environmental politics; reconciliation in divided societies or nations; migrants and refugees; anti-nuclear movements; historical and territorial disputes; ethnic and religious conflicts; violence and transitional justice; gender issues at conflict zones; democratic transition and human rights; and humanitarian assistance and intervention. AJP is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies (IPUS) at Seoul National University. The contents of the Journal are available or abstracted at EBSCOhost™ Political Science, EBSCOhost™ Academic Search, ProQuest Political Science, ProQuest…

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    Call for papers to Nature Sustainability!

    Launched in January 2018, Nature Sustainability will publish research contributing to a deep understanding of the ways in which we organize our lives in a finite world and the multiple impacts our actions have. Beyond fundamental research, the journal will attract studies of policies and solutions to ensure human well-being now and in the future. Its aim is to facilitate important cross-disciplinary dialogues to respond to the greatest challenges of our time.   The journal is now welcoming submissions. Please visit their website for further information.

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    Call for conference contribution!

    Crafting the Long Tomorrow: New Conversations & Productive Catalysts Across Science and Humanities Boundaries as the Global Emergency Worsens 21-24 February, 2019 | Tucson, AZ — Proposals due: Oct. 22, 2018 Crafting the Long Tomorrow is a three-day, small-scale conference at the University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2, a leading site for arts, sciences and humanities dialogues. Conference Focus: Read the full post (768 words, 1 image)

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    Call for articles for special issue!

    Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional – RBPI: Special Issue on Brazil in Global Environmental Governance The goal of this special issue of Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional – RBPI is to analyze the role of Brazil in Global Environmental Governance, focusing (but not restricted) to the 2008-2018 period. In the last decade, the Brazilian academic community of international relations has published a significant number of studies, but most of them were not published in English and consequently not submitted to the quality assessment of the international scientific community. Read the full post (413 words, 1 image)

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    Call for Papers–Asian Journal of Peacebuilding

    Asian Journal of Peacebuilding (AJP) is a semiannual peer-reviewed journal launched by the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies (IPUS) at Seoul National University. It publishes original research on the topics of violence, conflict, and peacebuilding around the world. The aim of AJP is twofold: first, to promote innovative research on issues related to peacebuilding in Asia, a region where national divisions, transitions, and developments are intertwined with new forms of threat, violence, and destruction. Second, it aims to disseminate peace studies conducted both in the traditional disciplines of social sciences and humanities, as well as in interdisciplinary fields at the interface of religion, culture, ecology, and gender studies. Read…