Newsletter January 1992

ISA Meetings in Atlanta

The 33rd annual ISA convention is scheduled for Atlanta, March 31-April 4, 1992 at the Atlanta Hilton and Towers. Indicative of the increased salience of the environment in international affairs, the Environmental Studies Section is sponsoring a record 13 panels, coordinated by ESS chair Barbara Jancar-Webster, which span the entire period of the meetings. The titles and times of the panels are listed below. A full listing of the papers is in the preliminary program in the December 1991 issue of the Inter- national Studies Newsletter, which has been sent to all ISA mem- bers.

Environmental Studies Section


ECO 1992, Environment and Development

The Politics of Regime Effectiveness

International Environmental Degradation and Environ- mental Security

Domestic Sources of International Environmental Policy-Making
The Social Construction of Ecological Interdependence


Environmental Protection and the European Community

International Organizations and Environmental Politics

Environment and Development


Role of NGO’s in International Environmental Cooperation and Security

Structural Adjustment, National Resources and the Environ- ment

The Environment and Consequences of War and Military Activities

Determinants of Successful Environmental Regimes

Climate Change: Lessons from Institutional and Legal Analyses
The ESS business meeting is scheduled for Friday, 12:15-1:15 PM.

National Institutes for the Environment

A committee has been formed to work for the creation of the National Institutes for the Environment (NIE), which its proposers hope would accomplish for the environment with the National Institutes of Health has done for human health. The committee is co-chaired by Stephen P. Hubbell (Princeton University) and Henry F. Howe (University of Illinois–Chicago). Those interested in learning more about this effort may write to The Committee for the NIE, 730 11th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001-5421; phone 202-628-4303; fax 202-628-4311.

Call for Manuscripts

As a follow up to a symposium issue of Policy Studies Journal, article length manuscripts are being sought for a book on the subject of “Global Climate Problems and Public Policy,” to be edited by David L. Feldman and Dean Mann and published by Nelson- Hall. Proposals must be submitted by March 1, 1991. For further information, contact Dr. David L. Feldman, Energy Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, P.O. Box 20088, 4500N, MS6206, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6206, phone 615-574-1404.


E: The Environment Magazine aims at providing environmental information “for the growing thousands of grassroots activists and veteran environmentalists–who want to clean up our environ- ment and improve their relationship with the natural world.” Sub- scriptions are $20 a year and can be arranged by writing to E Subscriptions, P.O. Box 6667, Syracuse, NY 13217.

In Content: a Quarterly of Humane Sustainable Culture contains articles that probe a variety of issues related to the global environment, as well as other subjects. Subscriptions are $18 in the US and can be arranged by writing to the journal at P.O. Box 11470, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-5470.

What was formerly the Journal of Agricultural Ethics has a broader focus and a new name, Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics. For subscription information, write to the journal business editor, Rosemary Vanderkamp, Room 039, MacKinnon Building, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1G 2W1.

Publications on HDGEC

The International Social Science Council (ISSC) published a monograph entitled Dynamics of Societal Learning about Global Environmental Change written by Robert M. Worcester and Samuel H. Barnes for the Working Group on Survey Research Data of the ISSC Standing Committee on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmen- tal Change. This report presents a preliminary inventory of public opinion surveys that may warrant further analysis in view of the concerns raised by HDGEC. Copies may be requested from the ISSC Secretariat, UNESCO House, 1 rue Miollis, 75015 Paris, France; phone (33-1) 45 68 25 58; fax (31-1) 43 06 87 98.

The US Committee on HDGC, chaired by former ESS chair Oran R. Young (Dartmouth College) and sponsored by the National Research Council, has released its report in the form of a book entitled Global Environmental Change: Understanding the Human Dimensions (Washington, DC.: National Academy Press, 1992, 308 pp.). Co- edited by Young, Paul C. Stern, and Daniel Druckman, the report offers a comprehensive overview of the human causes of global change, potential human responses to the global change, and the role that social science should be playing in global change research.

Funding Sources

The Division of Social and Economic Science of NSF conducts a special competition for research proposals dealing with the Human Dimensions of Global Change. It seeks to encourage social science research related to the social, economic, demographic, governmental, legal, and/or institutional aspects of global change. Submission dates for proposals are January 15 or August 15. For further information contact a program officer in one of the following programs: Decision, Risk, and Management Science (202-357-7417), Economics (202-357-9674); Geography and Regional Science (202-357-7326); Law and Social Science (202-357-9657); Political Science (202) 357-9406; or Sociology (202) 357-7802). The mailing address is (Name of Relevant Program), Division of Social and Economic Science, NSF, 1800 G Street, NW, Rm 336, Washington, DC 20550.

Upcoming Meetings

The sixth annual meeting of the Society for Human Ecology will be held at the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort in Utah, October 2-4. The theme will be “Human Ecology: Crossing Boundaries” with spe- cial themes including arts and humanities; global problems; human ecology; wellness and the individual; interdisciplinary dialogue and integration; resource and policy problems; and theoretical issues. Proposals for papers, sessions, or workshops should be directed to Scott D. Wright, University of Utah, FCS Dept., 228 AEB, Salt Lake City, 84112; phone 801-581-8750.

The International Symposium on Environmental Contamination in Central and Eastern Europe will be held in Budapest, Hungary, October 12-16, 1992. Papers proposals should be submitted by January 15, 1992 to Peter I. Richter, Technical University of Budapest, Department of Atomic Physics, Environmental Research Laboratory, Budafoki ut 8, H1111 Budapest, Hungary; phone or fax 361-1853-230; or to Dr. Roy C. Herndon, Florida State University, DBTR, Tallahassee, Florida, 32310-3700; phone 904-644-5524; fax 904-644-5524.

The ISA Thematic Group “Environment and Society” is holding a symposium on the subject “Current Developments in Environmental Sociology,” in Woudschoten, The Netherlands, June 17-22, 1992. The deadline for paper proposals is past. However, those inter- ested in further information may contact August Gijswijt, Chair Organizing Committee, Netherlands Universities Institute for Coordination of Research in Social Sciences, P. O. Box 19079, 1000 GB Amsterdam, The Netherlands; fax 3120-6229430.

News from ESS Members

ESS founder and member Kenneth A. Dahlberg (Western Michigan University) has been awarded his university’s 1991 Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award. Congratulations, Ken! Ken has an NSF grant to study municipal food systems, including Knoxville, St. Paul, Syracuse, Philadelphia, Charleston (SC), and Kansas City. Besides seeking a better understanding of how such systems operate at the household, neighborhood, and municipal levels, he is exploring the policies and practices that local governments can pursue to improve their food systems.

Educational Materials

The Program on Negotiation Clearinghouse announces the publica- tion of two new simulations: CO2-The Interactive Negotiation on Global Warming, developed by the Strategic Environmental Simula- tions, Inc. of Canada, and the National Energy Policy Simulation, developed by the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program. Further information is available from the Clearinghouse, 513 Pound Hall, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA 02138; phone 617-495-1684; fax 617-495-7818.

Opportunity to Attend UNCED Meetings

ISA has consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, which makes it possible for ISA members to obtain short-term passes to attend UN meetings or to do research at the UN. Any members interested in attending the Fourth Session of the Prepcom for the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environ- ment and Development (March 9-April 3 in New York) or the UNCED meetings in Rio in June, may contact Dr. Charlotte G. Patton, ISA Representative at the UN, 905 West End Ave., New York, NY 10025, phone (212) 222-7255.

The ’92 Global Forum is a parallel and independent series of events that will be held in Rio at the same time as the UNCED. For information about registration, contact The ’92 Global Forum, Hotel Gloria, Predio Anexo, 366, Rua do Russel, 632, 22212 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil; phone (5521) 556.3030; fax (5521) 205.4114. The deadline for registrations is March 15; the registration fee is $50.

Research Programs

The Project on Environmental Change and Acute Conflict, jointly sponsored by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Peace and Conflict Studies Program of the University of Toronto, has issued a status report that summarizes two research workshops held in Canada this past June on the subjects of “Water Resources and International Conflict” and “Environmental Change, Population Displacement, and Acute Conflict.” A third conference was held on “Environmental Change and, Economic Decline, and Civil Strife” in Kwala Lampur in November. A final conference will be hosted by the Brookings Institution, May 11-12, 1992. Summaries of the workshop discussions can be obtained from ESS member Thomas Homer-Dixon, University College, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, M5S 1A1.

The Department of International Relations and Public Interna- tional Law at the University of Amsterdam has established a research program on Environment and International Politics. Projects have been undertaken on the following topics: the role of culture in international environmental conflicts, environment and international trade, the impact of World Bank policy on the Environment, the handling of deforestation in international organizations, the control of planet genetic resources, and outer space activities, and the protection of the environment in inter- national law. For further information, contact the program coor- dinator: Dr. H. Overbeek, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 237, 1012 DL Amsterdam, The Netherlands, phone (31) 20-525-2169; fax (31) 20- 525-2086.

News from IMEMO

The Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the USSR Academy of Sciences is involved in several projects to foster international cooperation on environmental problem. The following information is provided by Dr. Elena Nikitina of IMEMO, a member of the Executive Committee of ESS.

Dr. Raphael Vartanov of IMEMO took the lead in organizing EcoDevelopment, a nongovernmental international environmental association that promotes and coordinates multidisciplinary environmental activities of Soviet and foreign scholars in the natural and political sciences aimed at securing environmentally sustainable development. The emphasis of the association is on carrying out environmental research projects; conducting indepen- dent environmental impact assessments, comparative studies of environmental management, consultative services, encouraging environmental management education, and dissemination of results of scientific research. An international conference on the “Ecological Situation in the USSR and the Global Environment” is envisioned. Branches are being created at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts and the Fridtjof Nansen Institute in Oslo. Membership is open to any Soviet and foreign scholars as well as research centers. Dr. Vartanov’s permanent address is Profsoyuznaya St. 23, Moscow, 117418, USSR; tel 128-46-44; fax 128-37-01 or 310-70-27. He is on leave at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution during 1992.

IMEMO and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution are completing a joint project on “Environmental Security and the World Oceans: Analytical Approaches and Shared Solutions, which has been sup- ported by the MacArthur Foundation and Peace Research Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Thirty scholars from a variety of fields have combined their thinking on the subject of environ- mental security as it may involve cooperative US/USSR actions on environmental problems such as depletion of North Pacific fisheries, the environment of the Arctic and Southern Oceans, land-based marine pollution, nuclear contamination of oceans, hazardous materials transport, global warming and sea level rise, and international law and protection of the marine environment. A publication is planned in both English and Russian.

The Section on Environment and Ocean Development of IMEMO recently entered into a joint statement with the Fridtjof Nansen Institute on inter-institutional research cooperation on subjects pertaining to environment and oceans, such as environmental management, polar studies, conservation of marine biological resources, and deep seabed mining. A conference on “Resource and Environmental Management in the North” is being planned.

Finally, IMEMO, the Global Change Program at the University of Michigan, and the Chinese Society for Environmental Science have entered into an agreement that envisages a series of inter- disciplinary seminars on Global Change to outline the potential for future international cooperation on this issue.

Editor’s Footnotes

Please keep sending me items for the newsletter, such as con- ferences, reports on projects, publications, and other profes- sional activities.

In November I travelled to Finland to teach a two-week course on the subject of The World Politics of Global Change and Sustainable Development for the International School of Social Sciences at Tampere University in Tampere. While in that part of the world, I visited Moscow for a presentation and research con- sultations at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

This past summer I presented a paper entitled “Global Change and Environmental Security: National Policy Options and the Prisoner’s Dilemma” at the World Congress of the International Political Science Association in Buenos Aires. I am willing to supply copies to those who request them.

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