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ESS members wanted for service on ISA committees (beyond our section)

Dear Colleagues:
Each year the ISA President-Elect is asked to nominate members to serve on several committees of ISA. Please contact t.paul (at)  for a list of committees that need to be filled next year.
In your recommendation or self nomination, please make sure you pay adequate attention to the full spectrum of ISA membership, in particular women, Non-North American members (especially from the Global South),  minorities and other under represented groups, senior and junior colleagues,  those who are regular attendees of ISA conferences, as well as those who  likely will devote some of their time to the committee work. It will also help if you  mention different committees that they, or you yourself, may be able to serve.
Please send your recommendations to t.paul (at) directly by April 30th, with their email addresses and web links.