Ecological Exile – new book by ESS member!

Gladwin, D. (2018). Ecological exile: Spatial injustice and environmental humanities. London, UK: Routledge.

Growing instances of flooding, population displacement, and pollution suggest an urgent need to re-examine the ways social and geographical spaces are perceived and valued in the 21st Century. Ecological Exile explores how contemporary culture confronts ecological crises through perspectives of spatial justice – a facet of social justice that looks at unjust circumstances as a phenomenon of space. Maintaining that ecological crises are largely socially produced, this book considers how representations of cultural texts (literature, media, film, visual culture) mobilize and educate populations about spatial injustices resulting from fossil fuel production and the effects of climate change.

Oxford handbook of water politics and policy – newly published book by ESS members!

Conca, K., & Weinthal, E. (Eds). (2018). Oxford handbook of water politics and policy. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

This handbook gathers a diverse group of leading scholars of water politics and policy. Authors were tasked to present forward-looking chapters in their areas of expertise, flagging key trends in both research and practice. The volume is organized into six sections: poverty, rights, and ethics; food, energy, and water; water and the politics of scale; law, economics, and water management; the politics of transboundary water; and the politics of water knowledge. Cross-cutting themes include governance challenges rooted in the mobility, unpredictability, and public-goods dimensions of water; tensions and synergies among equity, efficiency, and sustainability; the distributive consequences of water governance; the design and performance of water institutions; and the implications of climate change.

Important message from your Section and Program Chair and Program Chair on Membership!

Leadership team 2017Dear Colleagues,
It was lovely to see so many of you at ISA in San Francisco last week.
We are writing to let you know that the application deadline for ISA 2019 in Toronto will be June 1, 2018. The online submission process is expected to open on April 17, 2018. Travel grant applications will be due September 3, 2018.
Also, ISA determines the Environmental Studies Section panel allocation for 2019 on the basis of three factors, each weighted equally: (1) number of members we have as of June 1, 2018; (2) number of proposals that list us as their 1st choice; and (3) the number of panels we had in 2018.
If your membership needs renewal and you’re willing to do that before June 1, we would be grateful. Also, please consider listing us first in your submissions if it makes sense to do so. You can signal to me which sections would be ideal co-sponsors by listing them second and I will reach out to those sections when assembling the program.
Many thanks and see many of you in Toronto in 2019!
Sikina (program chair) and Fari (section chair)