ISA 2017: Call for Proposals

BaltimoreUnderstanding Change in World Politics
ISA’s 58th Annual Convention — February 22nd-25th 2017 in Baltimor, Maryland – at Hilton Baltimore!
Time to put in an Environmentally focused paper or panel!!
Submission deadline is June 1st 2017 The 2017 conference is aimed at taking an assessment of our understanding of change, its different manifestations as well as implications. Theoretical and policy relevant papers and panels can be presented on any key aspect as it pertains to the conference research theme. Some key questions include:

  • What are different kinds of changes in world politics? The implications might range from epochal transformations to limited changes in the international system – especially within and between – regions to incremental changes in how international treaties and global governance initiatives are promulgated, which in turn produce long-term and/or short-term changes in the architecture of world politics.
  • What role does war and violence play in ushering change?
  • Is peaceful change, especially at the international system level, possible?
  • What are the markers of change? In other words, when and how do we know change is occurring?
  • Are power transitions always violent? How do we understand the ongoing power transitions involving the United States, China and others such as Russia, India, Brazil, and other G-20 member states?
  • What role does change play in security and political economy, two key IR sub-fields?
  • How do different IR paradigms, including critical perspectives, address change? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Can we understand change sequentially or cumulatively (or by combining their insights)? How do material and ideational factors link together in generating change?
  • How do scholars and practitioners understand foreign policy change, learning, and adaptation?
  • What new and existing methodologies can be brought to bear to understand change?