Newsletter January 1994

PLEASE NOTE ESS Business Meeting, Thursday
March 31, 12:20-1:20pm

ESS Cocktail Reception, Friday,
April 1, 5:30-6:30pm

The ESS is sponsoring 17 panels and roundtables at the 35th Annual Convention of ISA in Washington, DC, March 28-April 1, 1994.

The topics and numbers of the ESS panels/roundtables are listed below. The list of participants on each panel can be found in the December 1993 issue of the International Studies Newslet- ter. The conference program available upon registration will list the exact times and rooms for each of the sessions.

Tue-A-8 Radical Environmental Activism: Explorations at The Edge of World Politics

Tue-A-17 International Relations and the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change

Tue-B-9 The Effectiveness of International Environmental Regimes

Tue-B-16 International ENGOs in the Theory and Practice of International Environmental Politics

Tue-C-12 Four Disciplinary Perspectives on Sustainability

Tue-D-12 Applying Negotiation Analysis to Understand the Domestic/International Nexus

Wed-A-10 The United Nations Environment Program in 1994: Leadership for the Environment

Wed-C-14 Environment and Politics: The Geographical Perspective

Wed-D-13 Environmental Issues in the Former Soviet Union

Thu-A-14 Analytic Frameworks for International Environmental Politics

Thu-B-13 Sovereignty and International Environmental Policy

Thu-C-13 Sustainability-International

Thu-D-14 Sustainability-National

Fri-A-13 European Environmental Security

Fri-B-15 Environment and the Public Interest

Fri-C-10 Intelligence and the Environment


Some items that may be of interest to ESS members become dated before the next bi-annual issue of the Newsletter is scheduled for publication. Thus, the editor is planning to establish an E-mail network for section members that can be used to circulate such information in a timely way. If you would like to be on this network, please indicate so in an E-mail message to Marvin Soroos (see masthead for the address).

Fri-D-13 Global Civil Society: Hypothesis, Analytical Framework, Epistemology, Ontology, Cliche, or Nonsense?
The Second International Symposium and Exhibition on Environ- mental Contamination in Central and Eastern Europe will be held September 20-23, 1994 in Budapest, Hungary. The symposium will address issues related to the identification and evaluation of innovative technologies which can be used to solve environmental problems, with an emphasis on site characterization, restora- tion/remediation, monitoring, and waste management. Paper proposals should be submitted by February 15, 1994. For further information, contact Roy C. Herndon, Florida, Symposium Co-chair, Florida State University/CHAERSE, 2035 East Paul Dirac Drive, 226 HMB, Tallahassee, Florida 32310-3700; Tel: 904-644- 5524; Fax: 904-574-6704.

A conference on the “Population/Environment Equation: Implica- tions for Future Security” will be held in Boston (Medford), Mas- sachusetts, May 31-June 4, 1994. It is being sponsored by the International Consortium for the Study of Environmental Security and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of Tufts University in Boston, MA (where it will be held). For information, contact Office of the Executive Director, ICSE/CISE, Laval University, Jean Durand Building, 2336 Chemin Sainte-Foy, Quebec, Canada G1K 7P4; Tel 418-656-2316.

The Global Forum ’94 (a follow-up to Global Forum ’92 in Rio) will be held in Manchester, England, June 24-July 3, 1994. The theme will be “Cities and Sustainable Development.” The con- ference will bring together citizen groups, local authorities, the business community, and others “to forge practical action plans for sustainably managing and developing urban areas across the globe. For further information, contact Global Forum ’94, Eastgate, Castle Street, Castefield, Manchester, M3 4LZ, UK; tel (44-61) 234-3741; fax (44-61) 234-3743.

The fifth annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Common Property (IASCP) will be held in Bodo Norway, May 24-28, 1995 with the theme being “Reinventing the Com- mons.” Participants from all disciplines are invited to address questions related to the commons. Theoretical and empirical explorations of all aspects of common property resources are encouraged. Themes central to the conference will be the role of knowledge and institutional innovations related to common property resources and the challenges of sustaining biological and cultural diversity. Proposals for session themes should be submitted by March 15, 1994; papers and posters by July 1, 1994 to:

Erling Berge, Research Fellow
Department of Land Use and Landscape Planning, AUN
P.O.Box. 5029, N-1432 As, Norway
tel.: -47-6494-8385
fax: -47-6494-8390

Those interested in the preceding conference of IASCP should note that it will be held back-to- back with the second congress of the International Arctic Social Science Association, which will be held May 28-June 4, 1995 in two locations: Rovaniemi, Finland, and Kautokeino, Norway. Travel connections between Bodo and Rovaniemi may be arranged if there is sufficient interest. For further information contact:

Mike Pretes, IASSA Secretary
Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
POB 122, FIN-96101 Rovaniemi

The Centre for World Environment (52 rue des Paquis, CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerland; tel (022) 732 71 17; fax (022) 738 50 46) publishes two periodicals. The Network is a monthly newsletter which monitors and reports on follow-up activities to the Earth Summit (US$30). The Bulletin is a comprehensive quarterly journal of sustainable development initiatives throughout the world. It reports on the activities of United Nations bodies, national governments, IGOs, NGO, indigenous groups, the media, women, youth, and academic and research institutes (US$60).
The quarterly journal Environmental Politics began publication in 1992 focusing on environmental movements and parties; the making and implementation of environmental policy at the international, national, and local levels; and “deep” and “shallow” environmen- tal thought. Subscriptions are $50 for individuals. Direct orders to Frank Cass, C/O Allen Press, Inc., Subscription Ser- vices, 1041 New Hampshire Street, P.O. Box 1897, Lawrence, Kansas 66044-8897, Fax: 913-843-1274.

An archive of official, primary source documents from the Rio Earth Summit is available on CD-ROM. It contains preparatory conference papers, national and regional environmental reports, research papers, reports from participants and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Earth Summit Official Statements, books, and Agenda 21. The cost is $495, shipping and handling included. Further information is available from United Nations Publica- tions, 2 UN Plaza, Room DC2-853, Dept. 019D, New York, NY 10017, USA; Tel: 1-800-253-9646; 212-963-8302; Fax: 212-963-3489.

The George H. Gallup International Institute (47 Hulfish Street, P.O. Box 140, Princeton, NJ 08542; tel 609-921-6200) has released a report entitled Health of the Planet that contains the results of a cross-national survey of 24,000 citizens in 24 countries on attitudes toward environmental protection and economic growth. The price is $35 for individuals and nonprofit organizations, plus $4 for shipping.

The Environmental Data Research Institute (1655 Elmwood Avenue, Suite 225, Rochester, New York 14620-3426; tel 800-724-1857) has published Environmental Grantmaking Foundations, 1993 Directory which lists 400 foundations that make grants in the environmental field. The cost is $55 plus $5 shipping.

(ESS members, please send the editor the citations on your publications as they come out, and if possible a copy).

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Please inform the editor know if you are willing to share your course syllabi with section members. The editor will send out copies of his syllabus for a graduate course on Global Environ- mental Law and Policy along with bibliography to those who request it (see masthead for addresses).

The University of Tampere in Finland is interested in identifying a faculty member in international relations or political science to be a Fulbright lecturer for a semester during the 1995-96 academic year. They are especially interested in someone who could teach in programs in development and environment studies, conflict analysis, or Nordic and Baltic studies, but other social scientific specialties will be considered. Instruction would be in English. For further information contact Marvin Soroos (address under masterhead).

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