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Nominations for committee positions 2023 open!

The Environmental Studies Section (ESS) is now accepting nominations for committee positions for 2023. ESS has some new positions available this year — please find the available positions listed below. We welcome self-nominations and nominations of others; if you nominate someone, please be sure to have their consent beforehand. Also, please be aware that anyone nominated must be a member of the section in 2023 (and for the time they serve).

Please submit your nominations by Thursday, March 2nd, 2023 and use this form to do so (

Available positions:

  • Executive Committee — 3 positions (2-year term)
  • Nominating Committee — 2 positions (2-year term)
  • Harold and Margaret Sprout Award Committee — 3 positions (2-year term)
  • Outreach Committee — 2 positions (2-year term)
  • Engaged Scholar Award Committee — 2 positions (2-year term) and 2 positions (3-year term; the remit of this committee may be expanded to include the Distinguished Scholar Award pending a vote by the Section at ISA 2023)
  • Representative to the GEP Editorial Board — 1 position (3-year term)
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Updating and Harmonization — 3 positions (1-year term)

You can read more about the committees and your role if choosing to serve – and see who the current officers are here. Information on the Engaged Scholar Awards Committee can be found here, and additional information on the new positions is below:

The Representative to the GEP Editorial Board will take on the regular responsibilities of an editorial board member and will also report back to the ESS Chair on topics covered in editorial board meetings. The Chair may ask the Representative to report on any important topics to the Section during the annual ESS business meeting and/or to bring up concerns raised by ESS members during GEP editorial board meetings.

The Ad Hoc Committee on Updating and Harmonization will be tasked with proposing updates to the ESS Mission and Charter to the ExCom by January 2024 for consideration by the section membership at ISA 2024. This group will also work with the chair and ISA to reconcile differences between information provided about ESS on ISA’s official website and ESS’ website. The three elected members will be joined by representatives of ESS’ permanent committees.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Amy Janzwood ( of the Nominating Committee should you have any questions. Many thanks!


The ESS Nominating Committee