2nd ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES SUMMIT at Syracuse; June 7-10, 2007

*** This is not an Environmental Studies Section Event (in fact, one goal of the summit is the establishment of a new environmental studies professional organization), nevertheless it should be of interest to the community ***

A gathering of faculty and future faculty in Environmental Studies to discuss the direction of our field and other professional concerns.

You can REGISTER ONLINE or by mail at http://enspire.syr.edu/Summit/registration.htm

Teaching Global Environmental Politics Database

There have been several efforts to create online resource databases for syllabi on various environmental topics. The Global Environmental Governance Project run by the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy and The College of William and Mary is working on creating a virtual space where faculty teaching global environmental politcs and governance can share resources – syllabi, bibliographies, assignments, simulations. Over time, we plan to expand the resource to include a virtual forum on teaching that could integrate inputs from faculty, researchers, and students.

ISA Compendium, ES Section Topics

As you may know, the International Studies Association is producing what has been called the ISA Compendium Project, an encyclopedia for international studies to be published by Blackwell, in both print and electronic form. All written pieces will be peer-reviewed. The process of creating a list of topics that will be covered in this volume has been designated to the ISA sections. I am the point person for the Environmental Studies Section committee (which also includes Miranda Schreurs and Matt Hoffmann) working on this project at this stage.

Environmental-studies.org is finally back up again

In October 2006 a hard-drive at the webhosting company crashed. Apparently, the hosting company was overwhelmed with the resulting logistics and could not make this site available on an alternate server until now. As of now the section website is running with a somewhat dated backup: the information from last fall’s “back to school” newsletter issue is not contained in the current database (i.e. any information posted between June and October 2006 is missing). A more recent database backup has been promised since November and should finally be available soon.

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