ESS Section Election Results

Vice Chair (2 year term. Term expires 2012)
Pamela Chasek, Associate Professor of Government and Director of the International Studies Program, Manhattan College in New York City.

Executive Committee Members (2 year terms. Terms expire 2012)

Norichika Kanie, Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, and visiting associate professor of the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies.
Lorraine Elliott, Senior Fellow in International Relations at the Australian National University where she researches and teaches global and regional (Asia Pacific) environmental politics.
Barbara Connolly, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame.

Nomination Committee Members (2 year terms. Terms expire 2012)
Heike Schroeder, Tyndall Senior Research Fellow and a James Martin 21st Century School Research Fellow at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.
Jeannie Sowers, Assistant professor of political science at the University of New Hampshire, and is currently a postdoctoral fellow with the Dubai Initiative at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University

Sprout Award Committee Members (2 year terms. Terms expire 2012).
Paul G. Harris, Professor of Global and Environmental Studies at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, where he is Head of the Department of Social Sciences, Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Governance and Citizenship, and a member of the Department of Science and Environmental Studies.
Jörg Balsiger, Senior Researcher at ETH Zurich’s Institute for Environmental Decisions and the University of Geneva’s Department of Geography, and was previously a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute.