ISA Working Group Announcement

This year, the Governing Council approved a proposal for three sections (ALIAS, Environmental Studies, and Human Rights) to create Working Groups during the conference.

The ESS Working Group theme is “Governing the Environment”. Recent environmental studies scholarship has produced much insight into rules governing human behavior and its impact on the environment. We know quite a bit about international negotiations, regimes, and organizations setting boundaries for the behavior of states. Similarly, comparative scholarship has produced a wealth of knowledge on domestic environmental regulations. In addition to such IR and comparative inquiries, a more recent branch of research studies rule-making by non-state entities such as firms and NGOs. Given this proliferation of thinking in analytically distinct dimensions of environmental rule-making it seems necessary to compare notes across these bodies of scholarship and explore what we have learned about rules regarding the environment. How may they differ depending on the rule-maker? How may they interact with (or contradict) each other?

Call to Environmental Studies section of the ISA (for syllabi and request for phone interview)

As part of the ISA compendium project (see I am conducting a study to examine
syllabi in the field of global environmental politics at colleges and universities. This study will make an important contribution to our understanding of how we teach and what we teach in this field. All syllabi will be kept confidential and anonymous. Data collected will be presented in the aggregate. If you would be willing to have your syllabus included in this study, please click this link, read the informed consent form, and signal your agreement to participate; and Email the syllabi to: krogers [AT]

Newsletter May 2008

Environmental Studies Section of the International Studies Association, Newsletter, May 2008

Editors: Richard Matthew and Bryan McDonald, University of California, Irvine

The ESS Newsletter can also be found at: The next edition will be September 2008. We tend to follow a Winter, Spring and Fall schedule.

The ESS newsletter is based at the Center for Unconventional Security Affairs at the University of California, Irvine ( and co-edited by Richard Matthew and Bryan McDonald. Please send publication information, announcements, calls for papers, job announcements, job and address changes, email information, queries, etc. for inclusion in the next newsletter to cusa [AT]

Solicitation for ISA 2009 Working Group themes

The ESS section is one of the first ISA sections to convene a Working Group. The Working Group will be meeting 3 times during the conference: a half-day workshop on the day prior to panel sessions, in the middle of the conference (sometime Monday), and at the end of the conference for a wrap up session (possibly for breakfast on Wednesday). It will include 4 grad students, 6 assistant professors, and 2 associate professors + 8 non-funded participants at any level. Funding is set at $130 – so this would not pay for your trip to ISA.
At this point we need to select a workshop topic and Working Group theme. The ISA coordinator suggests: “This might involve ‘how to teach X’ (since nearly all section members teach in the subfield, this can be a unifying theme.) The topic might also involve discussion of the state of the field (perhaps drawing on the Compendium project). Ultimately this is up to the Group Coordinator to craft, seeking a topic that will broadly engage the participating section members.”
Marcus Schaper is serving as the ESS Group Coordinator, so please submit your suggestions for Working Group themes via the contact form by 6/15.

Newsletter – Call for Submissions

We are currently soliciting information for the next edition (Spring 2008) of the ESS newsletter. We welcome submissions about section news, publications, websites, job and funding opportunities, announcements and upcoming conferences and meetings.

Please send your items by email to cusa [AT] by Friday, May 2, 2008.

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