2008 ESS Prizes

The Harold and Margaret Sprout Award was established in 1972 and named in honor of two pioneers in the study of international environmental problems. The award is given annually to the best book in the field – one that makes a contribution to theory and interdisciplinarity, shows rigor and coherence in research and writing, and offers accessibility and practical relevance. This year’s winner is:
David Humphreys: Logjam: Deforestation and the Crisis of Global Governance (Earthscan, 2006). http://www.earthscan.co.uk/?tabid=1117

The Graduate Student Paper prize this year (for a paper from last year’s conference) goes to: Graeme Auld (Yale University), “The Origins and Growth of Social and Environmental Certification in the Coffee Sector.”

ESS Business Meeting Notes

Minutes of the Environmental Studies Section Business Meeting International Studies Association, San Francisco, CA March 28, 2008 Henrik Selin, Boston University Agenda 1. Elections 2. Working Group Pilot Project 3. Compendium Update 4. Report from Section Program Chair 5. Governing Council Update 6. Conference Greening Proposal 7. New Business 8. Election Results

1. Elections
Candidates for the Executive Committee, Nomination Committee and Sprout Award Committee were introduced by Michele Betsill. Election ballots were distributed and collected.

Offsetting Conference Carbon Emissions?

Hal Nelson proposes that ISA as an organization take steps to offset the carbon emissions from the annual convention. He’d like the support of the Environmental Studies Section to bring this proposal (next year) to the Governing Council. We’ll discuss this issue at this year’s business meeting.

Proposal to ESS members: Offsetting Greenhouse Gas Emissions from ISA Annual Conventions

ISA Working Groups Pilot Project

ISA is considering creating a set of “working groups” within ISA sections, with a pilot project slated for the 2009 conference in NYC. Three sections — Environmental Studies, Human Rights, and ALIAS — have been chosen to be the first participants. Each working group would have approximately 12 participants (with funding for those who participate) who would meet on the day before the conference begins for a workshop on section-specific topics; they would then commit to attending a set of panel/poster session sponsored by the section and meet as a group twice more during the conference to collectively discuss the papers and issues presented. ESS therefore seeks someone to act as coordinator of this process for the section. The Group Coordinator would select the workshop/group theme, facilitate pre-conference communication with participants and section officers, coordinate meeting times and locations, and administer assessment surveys upon completion of the project.

Newsletter January 2008

Environmental Studies Section of the International Studies Association, Newsletter, January 2008
Editors: Richard Matthew and Bryan McDonald, University of California, Irvine
The ESS Newsletter can also be found at: http://environmental-studies.org. The next edition will be April 2008. We tend to follow a Winter, Spring and Fall schedule.
The ESS newsletter is based at the Center for Unconventional Security Affairs at the University of California, Irvine (www.cusa.uci.edu) and co-edited by Richard Matthew and Bryan McDonald. Please send publication information, announcements, calls for papers, job announcements, job and address changes, email information, queries, etc. for inclusion in the next newsletter to cusa [AT] uci.edu.
Please paste email addresses and websites listed in this newsletter into your email client or browser as they have not been formatted as hyperlinks.

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