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Call for proposals – ISA 2016

The call for proposals for the 57th ISA Annual Convention in Atlanta (16-19 March 2016) has been out for a few days now. Allow us to draw your attention to a number of exciting formats that you may propose to the Environmental Studies Section  – from regular papers and panels to roundtables, innovative panels, working groups and career courses.

Below we like to give you some more information about the different formats (including their different links and deadlines) – and highly encourage you to submit. We very much look forward to your proposals!

All best wishes,

Fariborz Zelli



  • Please do NOT send your proposals directly to us at the Environmental Studies Section (ESS). You need to submit your proposals through the general ISA submission system via the links below. If you wish your proposed paper, roundtable, etc. to be addressed to the ESS, please tick the respective box of our section on the submission page if available. Your proposal will then automatically be transferred to us.
  • You need to log in to your ISA account first, otherwise the links below will not work. To this end, please go to ; you will find the ‘login’ button at the top of the webpage.



Please follow this link for your submissions:

On the page, click the button “Submit a proposal” which will lead you to another page where you can choose between submitting a paper, panel or roundtable

(or follow this link:

DEADLINE: 1st JUNE 2015.



To submit one of these three special formats, please first follow the link to the general submission system:

Then, click the button “Specialty submissions” which will lead you to another page with further information on special formats. There you click “Submit a specialty session”, which on the next page gives you a choice between submitting an innovative panel, a film-screening panel or a career course.

–      Innovative panels offer an opportunity for panel participants to network and learn in a non- traditional panel format. For example, an innovative panel may include a debate format or a “town hall” meeting. It could constitute short panel presentations and audience discussions around a particularly timely or controversial subject with a moderator to facilitate the dialogue. Or it may involve the use of new technologies to broadcast to a greater audience or engage participants from distant locales. DEADLINE: 15th MAY 2015.

–      Film-screening panels are designed to highlight one or more films and can take the form of a film showing and moderated Q&A, or a more formal showing and roundtable discussion. ISA can sponsor up to five screenings a year. DEADLINE: 15th MAY 2015.

–      Career courses provide opportunities for conference participants to learn a new skill, or hone an old skill, while attending the convention. Courses are a half-day and are limited to 30-40 participants. DEADLINE: 1st JUNE 2015.



Working groups offer attendees a forum for dialogue and interaction around designated issue areas. By participating in a working group, conference attendees discuss the most thought-provoking issues in their section as well as their own research through an extended and focused discussion. Such dialogue may stimulate new research questions and project ideas, and contribute to development of new communities of scholars. The structure of any given working group is determined by the working group coordinator, but they typically have three meetings over the course of the conference where participants discuss a selection of panels and topics relevant to the group.

Please follow this link to submit a working group:

DEADLINE: 15th JUNE 2015