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    Journal articles by members!

    The following is a list of Journal Articles, Special Edited Journal Issues, Reports, and Book Chapters by members of ESS of ISA since the last newsletter! Asayama, S., Sugiyama, M., Ishii, A., & Kosugi, T. (2019). Beyond solutionist science for the Anthropocene: To navigate the contentious atmosphere of solar geoengineering. Anthropocene Review, 1–6. Baysal, B., & Karakas, U. (2017). Climate change and security: Different perceptions, different approaches. Uluslararası İlişkiler/International Relations, 14(54), 21-44. Beiser-McGrath, L., & Bernauer, T. (2019). Commitment-failures are unlikely to undermine public support for the Paris Agreement. Nature Climate Change, 9, 248-252. Read the full post (714 words, 1 image)