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    Submissions to the ESS Newsletter due December 8th!

    This is a reminder that the next ESS Newsletter will be released in mid-December. To appear in the Fall Newsletter, please submit announcements by December 8th to Genia Nizkorodov at envtlss.newsletter@gmail.com Possible submissions include: • recent book publications by ESS members, in APA format- please include a brief abstract/synopsis • recent article publications by ESS members, in APA format • career resources such as fellowship, grants, job placement opportunities, teaching resources, and career development programs/workshops • calls for paper submissions to journals and conferences • upcoming events (conferences and workshops) • prestigious awards received by ESS members

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    Nominate to the ESS Graduate Student Paper Award

     Currently, nominations are being requested for papers that were presented at the 2017 ISA annual convention in Baltimore. Panel chairs and discussant and paper presenters please make nominations! Graduate students may nominate their own papers as well. Graduate student papers that have been co‐authored with professors are not eligible for nomination for the best graduate student paper. Eligible papers must have been presented at the ISA conference in Baltimore, but not necessarily in a panel sponsored by the ESS. Authors do not have to be ESS members – while, of course, we encourage authors to join our section. Read the full post (186 words, 1 image)

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    UNAI-ISA meeting on Biodiversity in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction

    ISA members Dr. Rachel Tiller (SINTEF Ocean), Assistant Professor Elizabeth Nyman (Texas A&M at Galveston) and Professor Aslaug Asgeirsdottir (Bates College) were invited to participate at a UNAI-ISA Forum to discuss the ongoing process towards a new Treaty under UNCLOS, looking at Biodiversity in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ). Read the full post (296 words)

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    New Officers of the ESS

    The following is a list of all the new officers of the ISA. Chair: Fariborz Zelli (2019), Lund University (Sweden), fariborz.zelli@svet.lu.se Vice-chair & Programme Chair: Sikina Jinnah (2019), University of California Santa Cruz, sjinnah@ucsc.edu Executive Committee: D.G. Webster (2018), Dartmouth College, D.G.Webster@dartmouth.edu Wil Burns (2018), Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment, American University, wil@feronia.org Susan Park (2018), University of Sidney, susan.park@sydney.edu.au Agni Kalfagianni (2019), Utrecht University (The Netherlands), a.kalfagianni@uu.nl Ken Conca (2019), American University, conca@american.edu David Downie (2019), Fairfield University, ddownie@fairfield.edu Nominations Committee: Charles Roger (2019), University of Toronto, charles.roger@utoronto.ca Read the full post (158 words)

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    New Leadership team of ESS

    The new leadership team of the ESS is Chair Fariborz Zelli and Vice Chair Sikina Jinna. Associate Professor Fariborz Zelli works at the Faculty for Social Science at Lund University, in Sweden, in the Department of Political Science. His main research or teaching areas are: 1 international institutions 2 global environmental governance 3 political theory and philosophy Read the full post (278 words, 1 image)