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Recent journal articles by ESS of ISA members – fourth quarter 2018

Here is a list of some recent articles by ESS of ISA authors and members that you might like to read – from a number of different journals in our fields of study! If you have recently published something you would like us to spread – do let us know and we will feature it on the blog!

  1. Allan, J. I. (2018). Seeking entry: Discursive hooks and NGOs in global climate politics. Global Policy, 9(4), 560-569
  2. Held, D., & Roger, C. (2018). Introduction: Climate governance after Paris. Global Policy, 9(4), 525-526.
  3. Held, D., & Roger, C. (2018). Three models of global climate governance: From Kyoto to Paris and beyond. Global Policy, 9(4), 527-537.
  4. Hickmann, T., & Stehle, F. (Forthcoming 2019). The embeddedness of urban climate politics in multilevel governance: A case study of South Africa’s major cities. Journal of Environment & Development, 28(1).
  5. Hughes, L., & Meckling, J. (2018). Policy competition in clean technology: Scaling up or innovating up? Business and Politics, 20(4), 588-614.
  6. Inoue, C.Y.A. (2018). Worlding the study of global environmental politics in the Anthropocene: Indigenous voices from the Amazon. Global Environmental Politics, 18(4), 25-42.
  7. Kiessling, C.K. (2018). Brazil, foreign policy and climate change (1992-2005). Contexto Internacional, 40(2), 387-408.
  8. Lister, J. (2018). The Policy role of corporate carbon management: Co-regulating ecological effectiveness. Global Policy, 9(4), 538-548.
  9. Maertens, L. (2018). Depoliticisation as a securitising move: The case of the United Nations Environment Programme. European Journal of International Security, 3(3), 344-363.
  10. Meckling, J. & Hughes, L. (2018). Global interdependence in clean energy transitions.Business and Politics, 20(4), 467-491.
  11. Meckling, J. & Nahm, J. (Forthcoming 2019). The Politics of technology bans: Industrial policy competition and green goals for the auto industry. Energy Policy, 126, 470-479.
  12. Novak Colwell, J.M., Axelrod, M.A., & Roth, B.M. (Forthcoming 2019). Unintended consequences of a seasonal ban on fishing effort in Tamil Nadu & Puducherry, India. Fisheries Research.
  13. Pahle, M., Burtraw, D., Flachsland, C., Kelsey, N., Biber, E., Meckling, J., Edenhofer, O., & Zysman, Z. (2018). Sequencing to ratchet up climate policy stringency. Nature Climate Change, 8, 861-867.
  14. Plagemann, J., & Prys-Hansen, M. (2019). ‘Responsibility’, change, and rising powers’ role conceptions: Comparing Indian foreign policy roles in global climate change negotiations and maritime security. International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, online first.
  15. Smeds, E., & Acuto, M. (2018). Networking cities after Paris: Weighing the ambition of urban climate change experimentation. Global Policy, 9(4), 549-559.
  16. van der Ven, H. (2018). Gatekeeper power: Understanding the influence of lead firms over transnational sustainability standards. Review of International Political Economy, online first.
  17. Verbruggen, A., & Yurchenko,Y. (2017). Positioning nuclear power in the low-carbon electricity transition. Sustainability, 9(1), 163.