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Nominees for the Executive Committee 2024

The Executive Committee consists of the chairperson and vice-chairperson, plus six other members, each elected for a two-year term. One half of the general members are elected at the annual meeting each year. The Executive Committee appoints from within itself the office of secretary; appoints committees, the section newsletter editor and webmaster; enacts budgets and dues; sets rules and tentative agenda for the annual meeting of members; decides on the recipients of the section’s distinguished scholar award and graduate paper award; and conducts the business of the section at times between the annual meetings of members.

Below are the bios for the acclaimed positions in the Executive Committee (3 positions/4 candidates):

Jen Allan: Jen is a Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University, focused on global climate and chemicals governance. Her work centres on negotiation sites, and how ideas and activism evolve within these sites. I’m interested in contributing to the ESS section. Having been around and benefitted from the generosity of this section, I feel I’m in a position to contribute and further raise our profile.

Zorzeta Bakaki: Zorzeta Bakaki is an Associate Professor in the Department of Government at the University of Essex. Previously, she worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at ETH Zürich. Her research has been published in peer-reviewed journals, including most prestigious outlets such as International Studies Quarterly, World Development, the European Journal of Political Research, Global Environmental Politics, Environmental Politics, Environmental Research letters, Climatic Change, or the Journal of Cleaner Production. She wishes to enhance the range of environmental studies encouraging interdisciplinary topics but also the diversity of authorship making sure that there is an equal representation in terms of race, gender, and seniority.

Wil Burns: Wil Burns is a Visiting Professor in the Environmental Policy & Culture Program at Northwestern University and Co-Director of the Institute for Responsible Carbon Removal at American University. He has previously served as the Chair of the ESS Committee and on the Sprout Award Committee. I would be honored to serve on the Executive Committee and help guide its role in the annual ISA, as well as to help build other pertinent programming for members and for outward-facing audiences. This would include efforts to engender more cooperation with legal communities.

Llewelyn Hughes: I am a professor of public policy at the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University. I have published widely in the area of environmental studies with a focus on the low carbon energy transition and climate change. I am an ideal candidate for the position as – in addition to my substantive work in energy – I bring geographic expertise on the Asia-Pacific region, thus helping bring geographic diversity to the work done within the section. My details are available at:

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