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New book by ESS author Cristina M. Balboa

Cristina M. Balboa is Associate Professor at the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs, Baruch College, City University of New York. This is her most recent publication.

Balboa, C. M. (2018). The paradox of scale: How NGOs build, maintain, and lose authority in environmental governance. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Why do nongovernmental organizations face difficulty creating lasting change? How can they be more effective? In this book, Cristina Balboa examines NGO authority, capacity, and accountability to propose that a “paradox of scale” is a primary barrier to NGO effectiveness. This paradox—when what gives an NGO authority on one scale also weakens its authority on another scale—helps explain how NGOs can be seen as an authority on particular causes on a global scale, but then fail to effect change at the local level. Drawing on case studies of transnational conservation organizations in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, The Paradox of Scale explores how NGOs build, maintain, and lose authority over time.